£1.5k donation for Rugby's Pawprints means they can renovate their kennels and look after more dogs

The charity said there has been a rise in abandoned dogs over the last year

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Pawprints Dog Rescue in Rugby has received a £1,500 donation which will be put towards the renovation of its kennels, enabling the charity to support more animals following a recent influx of abandoned dogs.

Reliant on financial and volunteer support from the community, the funding has come from CALA Midlands’ bursary programme of support for local organisations, which has given grants to dozens of charities across the region over the past year.

Anita Twigger, Pawprint’s head of operations, said there has been a surge in people abandoning dogs over the past year across the region, due in part to more puppy purchases over the pandemic.

Anita said: “Some 66,000 dogs were imported into the UK last year, almost double that of the previous year.

"Over lockdowns, we've seen people purchasing companion animals in their droves, a good deal of the animals coming from abroad.

"These are often street dogs, without any assessments made on their behaviour, which is of course problematic when they’re brought into a family home.

“More dogs than ever are being euthanised, many simply because there is nowhere for them to go when their behavioural issues escalate or when their cuteness has passed as they grow into adulthood. With the demand greater than ever, we’re reliant on donations like CALA’s to save as many of these dogs as possible and find them loving, forever homes.

“We'll put the money to best use renovating the kennel’s groundworks this year; making it much nicer for the dogs while they stay with us.

“Despite being busier than ever, we’ve had to also shoulder the burden of a 40 percent drop in funding over the past year. Although it has been one of the hardest years in a decade of operating, we’re delighted to have been selected as recipients of CALA’s bursary programme... it's been nothing short of a lifeline.”

The Pawprints team had to purchase new premises after their previous kennels were sold under them and they were only given a few months to move.

Despite moving to their new kennels last year, the drainage system in the new premises was ineffective and the charity needed thousands for the remedial works.

Neil Simpson, sales and marketing director at CALA Midlands, said: “It’s been particularly hard for local community groups, and especially animal charities in recent months - with many organisations being unable to get into the community to fundraise.

“Although animal charities like Pawprints receive a good deal of attention from private donations from locals, they’re often overlooked by bursaries and grant giving from corporate organisations. Given the good work the charity does across Rugby, we felt the sponsorship really aligned with our long-term strategy of supporting the community in the local area.

For more information on CALA Homes’ bursary programme, visit: www.cala.co.uk/social-value/communities/community-bursary