Rudolph comes to Dunchurch's historic statue to reassure kids that Santa will not be held up by diabolical roadworks

It's that time of year again...

Photo courtesy of Dunchurch Festival Group.
Photo courtesy of Dunchurch Festival Group.
Photo courtesy of Dunchurch Festival Group.

This year Lord John Scott has a very shiny nose - to the extent that those who see him are reporting that it glows.

What we mean to say is, Dunchurch's Lord John Scott Memorial has received its annual makeover - continuing a tradition which is thought to date back to the 1970s.

This year the statue has been decorated as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, with Dunchurch residents believing that Rudolph has come in advance to assist Father Christmas should the diabolical roadworks at the crossroads present a logistical issue.

Although Father Christmas does fly in his sleigh, it is unclear whether he is subject to the Road Traffic Act while in the UK - and thus no-one is quite sure whether a red light at the crossroads might mean he has to stop mid-air.

A spokesperson for Dunchurch Festival Group said: "Children of all ages worried that the roadworks in the centre of the village will hamper Santa getting their presents to them on Christmas day need not worry any more.

"Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer has turned up to reassure people.

"The roadworks that have plagued the centre of Dunchurch for many weeks, causing long tailbacks, will be no trouble for this magical reindeer, as he will fly over them helping Santa to deliver the all-important gifts.

"The tradition of dressing the statue of Lord Scott, a prominent 19th century landowner and MP, has gone on for many years bringing joy to people not only in Dunchurch but all over the world via the Internet.

"Many people taking pictures and selfies help to raise the tradition's profile and this year there is even a sleigh for children to sit in to take a photo.

"The BBC has even done a piece on this tradition interviewing many people in this picturesque village.

"Many wait excitedly to see who it has been dressed as, some even placing bets on it. In the past the statue has been dressed up as Pingu, Paddington and even the Grinch who that year didn’t manage to steal Christmas. No one has any I-deer who dresses the statue but it is believed to be the Dunchurch Pixies.