Rugby mum to brave the shave for Myton Hospice

A keen supporter of Myton Hospice is going to show her commitment to its work by getting her head shaved next month.

Jennie Oakes is counting down to a new haircut - all in a good cause
Jennie Oakes is counting down to a new haircut - all in a good cause

And Jennie Oakes is inviting people to donate – or join her in braving the shave on Saturday, September 10.

The clippers will be powered up at Salon One in Bilton – next to the cheese shop – at noon, with the added attraction of refreshments from the Rugby Food Co.

Jennie, 42, told the Advertiser she has always supported charities – including an animal charity she helped for years – and though declared unfit for work two years ago continues to help when she is able to.

She said: “Back in May of this year, two other ladies, Linda Reed and Kelly Young and myself, arranged a charity fun quiz night at Rugby Workers’ Club in aid of Myton Hospice, and we raised an amazing £800 on the night – the next one will be on December 23.

“Myton is now my charity of choice as a very close friend of mine passed away two years ago with lymphoma at the age of 32 and spent her last weeks at Myton. They took excellent care of her and made her feel safe and secure, while also looking after and supporting her husband and two-year-old little girl.”

Jennie, who has a son of 15, two dogs and two cats, added: “I have been thinking for a long time to give myself a buzz cut but what better of doing it then by raising money for charity. I really need to get the word out there and get people donating, even if it’s just a couple of pence in one of the charity tins and also to see if there is anyone else brave enough to join.”

You can donate at either of the Myton charity shops, Myton Hub by St Cross, Salon One or search for Jennie Oakes on Facebook for the poster she has produced for the event – which includes bank account details.

She added: “If anyone is brave enough to join me, then contact me via the Facebook event or [email protected]