Rugby mum who lost husband in tragic crash is inspired by son's dream to write book to help kids deal with grief

Abimbola Shotade.Abimbola Shotade.
Abimbola Shotade.
Abimola was inspired by her Christian faith and a dream her son had

A Rugby mum has written a book based on her Christian faith to help children cope with grief following a dream her son had after the sudden death of her 31-year-old husband.

Abimbola Shotade, 33, wrote My Sisters Are Not Good at Wrestling following her son's dream of a final adventure and goodbye with his father.

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Abimbola's husband died in a car crash in August 2018 when she was 31, and her children were between 11 months and eight years old.

They had been married for 10 years with three children.

Following her husband's death, Abimbola saw the effect of grief on her children as they mourned their father's loss, first in the aftermath of his death and later in the years that followed.

She decided to turn her son's dream into a story to help other grieving children.

The book follows the story of eight-year-old E.J., who goes on a magical adventure with his father, who had suddenly died.

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The heart-warming journey gives E.J the chance to have fun with his father while processing his feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Abimbola hopes the book will help children deal with the shock and loss of losing a loved one and the grief that follows years after a parent dies.

She said: "In 2018, my family went through a tragedy.

"My children lost their father, and I lost my husband suddenly. It was a traumatic time for us; my children cried every night, missing their father.

"My son was the oldest and the only boy, and he was very close to his father.

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"His dream, which has themes of heaven and Christianity, helped him cope a little with my husband's loss.

"It was a way for him to process all the many different levels of grief he was experiencing and say goodbye to his dad.

"Losing a loved one is the most crippling feeling, and I hope to help grieving children to understand that even though our loved ones may be physically gone, they will be with us always."

My Sisters Are Not Good at Wrestling is available for pre-order by visiting