Rugby resident to take on 'world's fastest zipline' for Warwick-based charity

She also took on a sponsored wing walk for the charity last year

A resident from Rugby is getting ready to take on the 'world's fastest zipline' to help raise money for a Warwick-based charity.

Isobel McArthur will be taking on the challenge on August 3 in Wales, which can reach speeds of around 100mph, to help the charity Safeline.

Safeline helps and supports those affected by sexual abuse and rape.

Isobel McArthur will be taking on the challenge for Safeline. Photo supplied

Isobel, who also volunteers at completed a sponsored wing walk for Safeline last July.

Isobel said: "Well, it’s July again and almost a year since I did the Wing Walk to help raise funds for Safeline.

"While I was absolutely terrified, it was all worth it in the amazing response of all the generous people who donated to Safeline.

"The Zipline is the fastest in the world apparently at 100 mph.

"As a volunteer counsellor at Safeline, I have witnessed first hand the valuable work that all staff do to help those affected by sexual abuse or rape."

"Did you know that 669000 adults are sexually assaulted in England and Wales every year.

"One in 20 children and young people have been sexually abused in the UK.

"One in six men have been targets of rape and sexual abuse. That’s five million men and one in five women have been too – eight million women.

"Abusers don’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone of any age, race, class, or sexual identity.

"These numbers increased significantly during the lockdown period."

A spokepserson from Safeline said: "Isobel is a valued member of Safeline’s counselling team and we are really grateful to her for taking on yet another huge challenge helping to help raise awareness of the work we do at Safeline as well as much needed funds.

"Since October 2020, 60 per cent of our referrals have been for young people under 17 and currently 53 per cent of our clients are in the same age group.

"Thank you Isobel – you are a star.

Isobel has set her target at £300 and is nearly there.