Rugby street joins together to hold small but mighty Pride event

Residents of a Rugby street joined together to hold a small but mighty Pride event over the weekend.
Residents enjoying the day.Residents enjoying the day.
Residents enjoying the day.

Around 40 residents on Batt Close – part of the Rochberie Heights development – marched together for 80 metres along their street, raising money for charity and hosting losts of fun events.

Each household created costumes and decorations to make their road shimmer and sparkle in Pride colours on the afternoon of Saturday, June 25.

Batt Close resident, Rachel Bunce, said: “Our street has rallied behind a message of love and hope to organise such a special event for us all to be proud of.

"For us, Pride begins at home, and its message of community and inclusivity is one that certainly resonates among us all as neighbours.

“Batt Close Pride is for everyone – whether part of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally.”

The celebration brought the entire street together – from youngsters helping create a rainbow crossing in chalk to each home providing enough bunting to engulf Batt Close in flags and rainbows.

Batt Close resident, Ben Porcel, addressed those gathered at the start of the Parade and said: “We have all been shocked by the recent horrific events in Oslo and it’s a stark reminder of why Pride events – no matter what size – are vital as we continue to fight for acceptance and equality.

“The rights we have fought for – and thought we had secured – are also now at risk around the world, and this is not just relevant to the LGBTQ+ community; it’s applicable to women and anyone with a protected characteristic.”

The neighbours then took part in various activities, including a high heels race for the adults and creative activities for the children.

A charity wax event then saw three residents sacrifice hair from their chest, legs and underarms, offering guests their chance to pull off a strip in exchange for a donation.

£100 was raised, with all proceeds donated to Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity.

Ben later added: “Batt Close Pride may be small, but it was certainly fierce!”

This is the third time the residents of Batt Close have hosted Pride on their street and those living there said they hope to continue holding the event annually.

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