Rugby woman launches fundraiser to help hardworking friend bring his wife home after Home Office refusal

Maciej is desperately hoping he can bring his wife home

Maciej and Aishwarya.
Maciej and Aishwarya.

A Rugby woman who is the friend and colleague of a hardworking Daventry man has launched a fundraiser to enable him to appeal a Home Office decision to forbid his wife from getting a permanent visa.

Several years ago Maciej travelled to Nepal with the intention of climbing Mount Everest - but he met Aishwarya and the two fell in love and later married.

Arrangements were being made to apply for Aishwarya to get a long term visa in the UK - culminating in a 5,000-page submission containing evidence that the two are a devoted couple who speak every day.

But then the pandemic struck - creating a huge backlog in applications and Aishwarya was left stranded in Nepal - having lost her job because covid had shattered the economy.


This time apart was heart-breaking for the couple, but neither lost hope and Maciej even moved into a rented house, ready to welcome his wife to the UK.

When the Home Office eventually processed the application there was a shock result - Aishwarya was denied a visa.

Maciej's friend Justyna told the Advertiser: "This was a huge shock for us all, and we couldn't imagine what Maciej was going through.

"My husband and I work alongside him every day and for years he's been talking about his wife.


"We've even spoken to her lots of times on video calls, and she is such a lovely person, we couldn't wait to meet her.

"She speaks excellent English too because, before covid, she worked in the tourist industry.

"I completely understand that the government have to check these things because there are fake marriages and cases of being sold - but my husband and I are around Maciej every day we work, and we know they love each other so much.

"Maciej went to Nepal intending to climb Everest - now I say to him that this is your Everest."


The only way to appeal the Home Office decision is to pay for a lawyer and go through the courts.

Although hard-working Maciej had some savings from working overtime, a serious medical issue means he he has been forced back to working standard full time hours.

And now friend and colleague Justnya has set up a GoFundMe page to try to help to cover some of the legal fees.

Justyna said: "They are a lovely couple who have been separated by corona virus since September 2019. They had collected all the necessary documents and, in September 2021, when visa applications resumed (as covid-19 stopped all processes) they applied for Aishwarya, unfortunately they were refused.


"Now the only way to appeal is through the courts, but in order to do so, Maciej needs financial support.

"Maciej is currently working full time to cover the costs however, with limited time to appeal, we are asking for your help.

"Covid and lockdown has been rough for so many families since 2020, can you imagine being separated from your loved ones for over two years by thousands of miles also?

"I know I would not be able to cope with the sadness and stress this has caused them.


"Maciej has already started a case and put all of his money towards it, but it's still not enough, he needs a lot more.

"That’s why we are reaching out for the kindness of strangers to reunite Maciej and Aishwarya.

"Please know that any amount donated will help our cause and is greatly appreciated."

Justnya added that it is very difficult to predict how much the legal fees will total - but, should there be any excess donations, they will be donated to charity.


To learn more, or to make a donation, visit