Still time to sign petition to make road between Kenilworth and Leek Wootton safer for all users

Campaigners, including councillor Richard Dickson, want more streetlighting, speed reduction zones and safe cycling areas in the road.

Kenilworth councillor Richard Dickson has started a petiton to make Warwick Road between the town and Leek Wootton safer for all users.

There is still time for Kenilworth, Leek Wootton and other Warwickshire residents to sign a petition to make a main road between the two towns safer for all users.

Campaigners, including Kenilworth councillor Richard Dickson who started the online petition, want more streetlighting, speed reduction zones and safe cycling areas in Warwick Road.

For the petition, Cllr Dickson has said: "With more and more new homes being built in Kenilworth the volume of vehicle traffic on our roads is increasing all the time.

"This applies especially on Warwick Road between Kenilworth and Leek Wootton, not least because of the new homes at The Pavilions site.

"At the moment there are no street lights between Newey Drive and The Pavilions site.

"This makes it unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists at night. Also there is no provision for cyclists on the road between Kenilworth and Leek Wootton.

"Perhaps worst of all the speed limit outside The Pavilions site, where many families live, is 50mph which can make it dangerous when turning onto and leaving the site."

This year, proposals by Warwickshire County Council to put new safety measures and a 20mph speed limit in the part of Warwick Road in Kenilworth town centre were scrapped after a public outcry against them.

By and large, residents thought this scheme would divert traffic away from and around the road and into more residential streets where fewer if any safety measures are currently in place.

Instead, they want more safety measures and speed limits put in place throughout the town.

The petition closes on Friday December 31.

To read and sign the petition click here.