Talk about Warwick's historic Guy's Cliffe and its cave is being held next week

A talk is being held in Warwick next week about one of the town’s most historic landmarks – Guy’s Cliffe.

Guy's cave at Guy's Cliffe in Warwick. Photo supplied by Guy of Warwick Society
Guy's cave at Guy's Cliffe in Warwick. Photo supplied by Guy of Warwick Society

The Guy of Warwick Society is hosting the event, where people can hear from the Leader of ‘The Rock-Cut Building Project’, Edmund Simons FSA.

The talk will focus on the potential for understanding Guy’s Cliffe as well as exploring other comparable sites.

Rock-cut structures are found throughout the UK, but their highest concentrations are in the soft Permian and Triassic sandstones of the English Midlands.

Apart from in Nottingham City itself, many of the sites remain largely unstudied and at most the origin and use is obscure, with, perhaps, only their later history being known.

The Rock-Cut Buildings Project aims, for the first time, to quantify and record these structures, to create typologies and methodologies for understanding them and to develop areas for future research.

The project has included collaboration with literary historians, archaeologists, geologists, conservation specialists and others.

Edmund is an associate professor at the Cultural Heritage Institute and has worked on similar sites in the UK and abroad.

Proceeds from the evenings event will be donated to ‘Bring Back Guy’s Cliffe’ – a group of volunteers dedicated to help in the restoration works of Guy’s Cliffe House.

The event is to be held at the Unitarian Chapel at 31 High Street in Warwick on July 7.

The talk will be proceeded by a garden reception commencing at 6.30pm (weather permitting).

Tickets cost £7.50 (under 16’s can enter for free) and are available online at:, or from the Tourist Information Centre in Jury Street.