The votes are in and the count begins: Live results of the 2023 Warwick District Council Election

Follow the results here as they come in today

The votes are in and the count will start today (Friday) – you can follow the results of the 2023 Warwick District Council election here.

Before the election, for which residents across the district cast their votes yesterday (Thursday May 4), no political party had overall control of the council which had a political composition across its 44 elected members as follows:

Conservative (16 seats)

Green Party (8 seats)

Labour (5 seats)

Whitnash Residents Association (Independent) (3 seats)

The results of the Warwick District Council elections 2023The results of the Warwick District Council elections 2023
The results of the Warwick District Council elections 2023

Independent (3 seats)

Nationally, Labour and the Liberal Democrats have gained seats at the expense of the Conservatives as early results come in for certain councils in England.

Only a small number of councils counted overnight and most results will not be confirmed until later today.

The first result of the day was for the Aylesford Ward (turnout 34.56%)

The two available seats were won by Labour candidates Daniel Browne (802 votes) and Aurel-Gabriel Rosu (710 votes).

Both seats had previously been held by the Conservatives.

Conservative candidate Rebecca Noonan (435) won the only seat for the Radford Semele Ward (turnout 38.35%).

The Conservatives held the seat by 37 votes.

For the Warwick Saltisford Ward (turnout 35.41%), Labour candidates Katya Dray (968 votes) and Jim Sinnott (872 votes) won both seats.

This was a gain (from the Conservatives) and a hold for Labour.

The Whitnash Residents’ Association has held all three of its seats in the Whitnash Ward (turnout 29.68%) with candidates Adrian Barton, Judith Falp and Robert Margrave receiving the vast majority of the votes.

Green Party candidates Jonathan Chilvers (1,130 votes), group leader Ian Davison (1,042 votes) and Naveen Tangri (968 votes) held their three seats in the Leamington Brunswick Ward (turnout 24.95%).

In the Leamington MIlverton Ward Bill Gifford, Carolyn Gifford and Sidney Syson held the Liberal Democrats’ three seats.

Labour gained three seats via Raj Kang, John Sullivan and Paul Wightman in the Warwick All Saints & Woodloes Ward (37.91% turnout) from The Conservatives including council cabinet members Moira-Ann Grainger (Neighbourhood) and Jody Tracey (Transformation).

The winning winning margins were of more than 250 votes in each case.

Council leader Andrew Day (668 votes) has held his seat for the Conservatives in the Bishops Tachbrook Ward (turnout: 33.35%).

The other winning candidate was Matthew Collins (676 votes) for the Labour Party.

Cllr Day held his seat by just five votes ahead of the other Labour candidate Deirdre Fox (663) while the other Conservative candidate Matthew Greene received 627 votes in a very close-run contest.

The Green Party candidates Kathleen Gorman, Dominic Harrison and Hema Yellapragada have gained all three seats from the Conservatives in Warwick Myton & Heathcote ward (turnout: 43.77%).

The Greens came through with margins of more than 300 and 500 votes.

Labour held all three of their seats in the Leamington Clarendon District Ward (turnout: 34.37%).

Candidates Jessica Harrison, Katie Hunt and Chris King had winning margins of between more than 700 to 900 votes.

Liberal Democrat candidates Kate Dickson, Richard Dickson and Andrew Milton held the parties ‘safe seats’ in the Kenilworth St. John’s ward (turnout 46.39%).

Their winning margins were of around 1,000 votes each.

In the Kenilworth Abbey & Arden District Ward (turnout 39.50%) the Green Party gained two seats through candidates Kyn Aizlewood and

David Armstrong while Richard Hales held a seat for the Conservatives.

Conservative Pam Redford and Liberal Democrat Josh Payne have held and gained a seat respectively for their parties in the Cubbington and Leek Wootton ward (turnout: 38.07%).

The Liberal Democrat candidates group leader Alan Boad, Phil Kohler and Daniel Russell held all three of their seats in the Leamington Lillington ward (turnout 36.03%).

Conservative candidates Jan Matecki and Peter Phillips held their seats in the Budbrooke ward (turnout 42.15%).