Training provider and gym team up to help improve the health and mental wellbeing of jobseekers in and around Leamington

Walking and cycling groups are also being launched for those who would prefer to enjoy the outdoors than workout in a gym

A training provider has teamed up with a Leamington gym to help unemployed people improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

PET-Xi has launched its Ignite pilot health programme to help those jobseekers in and around Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth referred to the company as part of the government’s Restart Scheme.

Those referred to the Restart Scheme will be enrolled at Royal Leamington Spa College’s gym, where they will receive a full induction, a tailored plan based on their fitness level, and additional advice and support from a dedicated health coach from Jobs 22 across a three-month period.

From left: Matthew Village (Ignite participant), Kieren Bodill (Deputy Marketing Manager at WCG), Juliet Ball (Ignite participant), Fleur Sexton, Daniel Stickley (Ignite participant), Ayden Sims, Nadia Khilli Battal (Ignite participant), and Charmaine Jones (Restart Employer Services Consultant at PET-Xi) at Royal Leamington Spa College’s gym. Picture submitted

Walking and cycling groups are also being launched for those who would prefer to enjoy the outdoors than workout in a gym.

PET-Xi came up with Ignite after seeing Restart participants whose long-term employment prospects were being negatively affected by their health and wellbeing, and who needed a bit of extra help to turn their lives around.

Fleur Sexton, founder of PET-Xi, said: “Providing support to people getting back into work is not just about helping with CVs and training – it’s about helping them have a healthy and fulfilled life too.

“We need to enable people to improve their health and wellbeing, making it more likely they find a job and stay in work rather than falling ill, leaving work and coming back to us again.

“We were seeing more and more people who just weren’t able to stay in work due to their health concerns, and we f

elt we could do more as a training provider to address this rather than leaving it to the national health service after the fact.

“Both Jobs 22 and Royal Leamington Spa College were really keen on Ignite, so we were able to get the processes in place very quickly. We’re really looking forward to helping those on the Restart Scheme find meaningful work and lead healthier lives.”

Ayden Sims, CEO of Jobs 22, said: “Our Health Coaches always work closely with job seekers because we recognise the importance of health and wellbeing when it comes to finding, and critically, retaining work.