Tramway model based on Warwick in 1916 is set to go on display in town

The model has been donated by a former Warwick resident whose husband started the project before he died

Part of the model of the tramway in Warwick. Photo supplied

A former Warwick resident is set to donate her late husband's tramway model which is based on the town in 1916.

Joan Bolton, who was born and bred in Warwick but now lives in Shrewley Common, is set to donate the model created by her husband Keith.

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The model is based on the year 1916 - the same year a tram crashed into the Castle Arms pub.

Part of the model of the tramway in Warwick. Photo supplied

Keith died in October 2004 and model making was a hobby of his.

Joan said: "Keith worked for Warwickshire County Council in the roads department and was a keen cyclist who was never so happy as when he’d been out touring Warwickshire on his bike.

"He had to have a project so I have his albums about the Stratford Canal and tramway, the River Avon from its source at Naseby to where it joins the Severn at Tewksbury and the water mills of Warwickshire.

"Keith had finished his model railway which is still in the garage and was planning to make a model traction engine but I said ‘why don’t you do something more interesting’ and I had put a book about the Warwick/Leamington tramway in his Christmas stocking few years before so I found it out and with a little persuasion he took on this.

Part of the model of the tramway in Warwick. Photo supplied

"He started it in about 1996 and a couple of the buildings took around a year to complete so it wasn’t quite finished when he died."

Joan sought out help from someone who knew her husband to finish the project.

She said: "Thankfully Keith had done plans and got maps, etc, and it wasn’t too difficult to finish.

"I eventually found Dick Hewins who lives in Henley and ran the little model railway shop in St John’s Warwick for 25 years way back.

Part of the model of the tramway in Warwick. Photo supplied

"Keith and he knew one another well and Dick says they thought alike.

"It has taken a long time to complete as Dick has only recently retired so couldn’t spend much time on it."

The model of the tramway around Eastgate is set to go on display at the visitor information centre at the Court House in Jury Street in Warwick this weekend.

Joan said: "I am overjoyed to have it on display at the visitor information centre as it is a bit of ‘Warwick history’ and most people would not know there were trams in Warwick once."

Liz Healey, manager of the visitor information centre said: "We are delighted that we are going to have the tram on display in our new look centre.

"We are open seven days a week at present.

"Visit our website for further information on upcoming tours, craft fairs and exhibitions."