University of Warwick student launches project to support NHS workers

More than 500 volunteers are writing letters to people across the UK

A student from the University of Warwick has launched an initiative to support NHS workers.

Soumya Krishna Kuma, a 19-year-old student, who is looking to move to Leamington in September, started 'The Crisis Project' initiative with a flagship project called 'Letters for the NHS'.

The aim behind the project is to give support to NHS workers and keyworkers through the letters which are written by volunteers.

Soumya Krishna Kuma writing a letter. Photo supplied

Soumya said: "During my time as an admin of my local mutual aid group, I had noticed that several people wanted to do something to help people, but were either shielding or had no access to transport - what better way to provide support than a bespoke letter?

"Our flagship project is called Letters For The NHS.

"It aims to connect letter-writing volunteers with time to spare with key workers who are holding our country together right now and deserve some extra support.

"We have over 500 volunteers and we are writing to people across the UK.

"I’ve been working on Letters For The NHS non-stop for about a month now, I never expected it to blow up like it has.

"I must admit, there’s a lot more to it than I initially thought - it’s currently just me on the team, meaning I’m doing admin, press, marketing, partnerships and managing all our social media accounts.

"It’s turned into almost a full time job, but I’m so passionate about this project and there’s nothing else I’d rather do. I just want to reach as many people as possible."

"We also have an Instagram account @thecrisisproject and we are in talks with NHS trusts all across the country for a collaboration.

"We have been recently featured in Time Out magazine and have been approached by film production companies to create a documentary.

"We were also approached by French channel TF1 for a feature.

"This initiative is totally non-profit and I am just trying to reach as many key workers as possible to make the maximum possible impact."

People can sign up to be a volunteer writing letters and they can nominate a key worker to receive a letter.

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