Warwick children's author releases third book with more on the way

Paul Aldridge holding a copy of Joe's Jungle Hair. Photo suppliedPaul Aldridge holding a copy of Joe's Jungle Hair. Photo supplied
Paul Aldridge holding a copy of Joe's Jungle Hair. Photo supplied
He will also be releasing his fourth book near Christmas

A Warwick children's author has had his third children's book published and has another two on the way.

Paul Aldridge has released his third book called 'Joe's Jungle Hair'

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He had his first book 'Mascots! Go for Gold' published in 2017.

It was the official story for the mascots of the World Para-Athletics Championships and the World Athletics Championships, in 2017.

He then released his second book `Questkids…Do Coding', for which he worked with Leamington publisher `In-Easy Steps`.

Talking about 'Joe's Jungle Hair', Paul said: "Joe’s Jungle Hair features a child who refuses to have his hair cut and charges away from the barbers when his parents won’t listen.

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"The tale’s origin…Joe’s Jungle Hair is a true story…well almost.

"My parents rarely listened to me when it came to my desire to keep my long, lavish locks.

"Despite my pleas I was regularly dragged off to the barbers where, like Samson, my hair was taken from me.

"But this was my hair, and I wanted to keep it that way.

"So one day, I took matters in my own hands, by jumping off the chair, running out the door and racing off down the street freeing my long hair from capture.

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"So my recommendation to parents…occasionally, just occasionally let them win or they may make the decision for themselves."

"I will be on the road (once it’s safe to do so) promoting the book across Warwick and Leamington, especially in local schools. Hoping to meet lots of people and introduce them to Joe and his runaway hair."

Paul also has another book due out before Christmas called 'Zoncolan! Rides' which is about bringing the idea of cycling to a family audience.

He will also be releasing 'The Curious Castle' early next year.

Joe's Jungle Hair can be bought from Pegasus Publishing, Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, the book depository and from Paul's website: www.storydraw.co.uk

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