Warwick councillors celebrate new all-weather track at primary school - with an egg and spoon race!

The track was completed at the end of the last school year

Cllr Jody Tracey and Cllr Oliver Jacques and taking park in an egg and spoon race at All Saints School in Warwick on their new all weather track. Photo supplied

Warwick councillors recently celebrated a new all-weather track which has been installed at a primary school in the town.

Cllrs Jody Tracey and Oliver Jacques showed a clean pair of heels when testing out the new track at All Saints School in Nelson Avenue, taking part in a councillor vs councillor egg and spoon race.

The track was completed at the end of the last school year and was partly funded by the school’s PTA group who were able to obtain a grant towards the costs from Warwick Town Council supported by Cllr Oliver Jacques.

Sandra Sutherland, associate head of All Saints School, said: “This new track is a great addition to the school and will allow the children to get daily exercise even through the wet autumn and winter months.”

Jacqui Meredith, chair of the PTA said: “We are very grateful to Cllrs Jacques and the Conservative lead Warwick Town Council for their help in applying and obtaining this grant.

"The children at the school have been busy making good use of the track already.”

Cllr Jacques added: “It is great to see this track being used by the children and I was pleased to support the PTA’s application for a community funding grant.

"I hope the children continue to enjoy the track for many years to come.”

Cllr Tracey, who was victorious in the now annual Cllr egg and spoon race, added: “As a local councillor and governor of the school it has been great to come and test this facility, I thank Jacqui Meredith and Cllr Jacques for their efforts to make this happen.”