Warwick District Council looking for opinions from public on Kenilworth leisure facilities

Warwick District Council is set to launch a series pubic consultations on the leisure centre facilities in Kenilworth.
Image of proposed Castle Farm Recreation centreImage of proposed Castle Farm Recreation centre
Image of proposed Castle Farm Recreation centre

The district council officials are seeking opinions and views from the public on three leisure facility areas in Kenilworth through a series consultation events throughout the month of November.

The consultations will focus on the new proposed developments of the Abbey Fields Swimming Pool, Castle Farm Recreation Centre and the Abbey Fields park area.

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The district council will launch the consultations on Monday November 4.

The district council has organised a series of drop-in events where the public will be asked to give their feedback on new plans on display for Abbey Fields Swimming Pool, Castle Farm Recreation Centre and the proposed new home for Kenilworth Wardens Cricket Club.

People will be encouraged to take part in an information gathering exercise for Abbey Fields, which will help to inform a management plan for the wider parkland.

Seven drop-in sessions will take place across the town at various place ranging from the Abbey Fields Swimming Pool to The Kenilworth Centre to the Holiday Inn from November 9 and 30.

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The council hopes people complete consultation surveys online from November 4 until December 9 by visiting www.forourfuture.co.uk.

Council staff from the project teams will be on hand to answer questions and receive feedback on proposed plans for the leisure facilities.

The outline plans for new Kenilworth Wardens Cricket Club facilities will also be on display. The Wardens are looking at selling their current property the Thickthorn area for housing developments and moving next to the new proposed Castle Farm leisure centre.

The Castle Farm Recreation Centre will be completely knocked down and built again new.

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There are three key areas the council are looking for ideas from the community in connection to the new Castle Farm Recreation centre.

The council is looking for ideas on possible new names for the centre, feedback on the design plan for the facility along with parking and access to the leisure facility.

Paddy Herlihy, programme manager with the Cultural Services Department of Warwick District Council, said: “One key part we're consulting on is the vehicle access.”

The council is looking at two options for access to the leisure centre, which includes everyone comes in and goes out at Fishponds Road and then a secondary option of having two entries.

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The second entry and exit point will be at John O'Gaunt Road, which is currently a dead into some woods that border the proposed new Kenilworth Wardens Cricket Club and football grounds.

Paddy added: “It splits up the traffic demand.”

The new Castle Farm leisure facility will include an expanded sports hall increasing the badminton courts from four to six.

The new centre will also include a vending and seating area along with two sets of changing rooms one close to the outdoor playing fields and another close the gym facilities.

There will also be a set of bi-fold door facing the playing fields.

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The unique selling point for the Castle Farm centre will be an interactive studio, which will include various data points in the room for simulated squash games, parties and other activities such gentle exercise classes.

The Castle Farm centre will also include a spin studio and an enlarged gym, which will increase its stations from 27 to 80.

The scouts and guides will meet in a new semi-detached building next to the leisure centre.

For the new Abbey Fields Swimming Pool facility the council is looking for feedback on the new building design along with parking.

Paddy added: “We're not consulting on the outdoor pool.”

Everyone Active will continue to manage both facilities.

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Council officials hope to submit planning application for both leisure facilities in early 2020.

The district council is also looking for ideas and feedback from the community on the Abbey Fields park area located around the swimming pool facility.

Paddy said: “We want to ask the public how they use it.”

The council is seeking feedback on how they can improve the duck feeding area, do people want more 'wild' naturally growing areas, do people believe bicycles should be ridden through the fields and what do people think about parking at Abbey Fields.

He added: “We're really looking forward to talking to the public to see what they think. We're just asking them for their opinions.”

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The drop in sessions will take place on the following dates:

Saturday November 9:

Abbey Fields Swimming Pool from 10am to 3pm

Tuesday November 12

Abbey Fields Swimming Pool from 4 to 8pm

Wednesday November 20

Castle Farm Recreation Centre from 10.30am to 1.30pm

Thursday November 21

Castle Farm Recreation Centre from 7 to 9pm

Saturday November 23

Holiday Inn from 11am to 4pm

Thursday November 28

The Kenilworth Centre from 10.30am to 1.30pm

Saturday November 30

Holiday Inn from 11am to 4pm