Warwick fundraiser is hoping to break a world record at the London Marathon in his unusual costume

He signed up for the event last year and is determined to complete his challenge at the event in London this year

A fundraiser from Warwick is hoping to break a world record while completing the London Marathon.

Matthew Brooks will be taking part in the marathon this Sunday (October 3) and will be attempting to break a world record for the fastest marathon runner dressed as a star.

The challenge came about after the 36-year-old signed up to compete in the London Marathon last year for Penny Brohn, a cancer charity and he wanted to make the challenge harder for himself.

Matthew Brooks is attempting to break a world record for the fastest marathon dressed as a star. Photo supplied

He said: "I wasn’t a runner before I signed up but I have always enjoyed challenging myself.

"Having been to watch the London marathon over the years there really was no other race I wanted to do more especially as this was supposed to be a one time only challenge (although the pandemic changed that).

"Having never taken part in a marathon before and picturing only ever doing it once, it seemed like a realistic challenge that would push the limit of what I thought was personally achievable.

"The star record seemed maybe possible to break and my wife thought it was a very bad idea…so that was it, decision made.

"When the marathon was changed to a virtual event, whilst understandable, I was still disappointed.

"However, as so much was stripped away, having a goal and a training programme to focus on was hugely positive for me during 2020."

Despite completing the virtual event, Matt was determined to complete his original challenge.

"I decided to take on the marathon again to complete my challenge as I originally planned in London. Also my world record attempt can only be done during an official race.

"I will be running on behalf of Penny Brohn - who are a fantastic charity which supports individuals battling cancer.

"Obviously I would love to make it into the record book, as I would like my children to see that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

"But, if I beat the record or not, I will be happy that I have given it my full commitment and I am thankful that I have had opportunity to take part in the attempt whist raising money for such a worthwhile charity. "