Warwick hair salon will close its doors to customers who have not had a Covid jab or a negative test - and hopes other salons will join them

The salon says the move is to help protect their customers as Covid cases spike in the Warwick district

A hairdressers in Warwick has decided to close its doors to any customers who have not had a Covid jab or a negative Covid test before visiting.

And staff at The K Club Designer Hair in Coten End want others to follow their lead as Covid cases continue to spike in the Warwick district.

Their restrictions will come into effect from Friday July 2.

The K Club Designer Hair in Warwick. Photo by The K Club Designer Hair

Karen Walls, one of the business partners behind the salon, said the move was to help protect other people.

She said: "Today (June 30) I received emails about my son's plumbing class having Covid in their group and my granddaughter's netball being cancelled.

"After lots of careful thought we have now decided to close our salon to anyone who has not had a Covid jab or a negative test 24 hours before they arrive at the salon.

"We have clients still shielding with cancer treatments and immune weakness due to medication.

"My business partner Kate Lewis and staff are fully in support of this decision and will also be compliant in the salon entrance requirements.

"As an industry we hope other salons will follow suit.

"Anti Jabbers and non-conformists can get their Barnets done elsewhere for now.

"We will trial this for one month and if numbers still continue as they are, we will continue until we feel safe to reduce the measures.

"I have had Covid in the very first lockdown and still have long Covid - I do not wish it on anyone."

To find out more about the salon's decision go to: https://www.facebook.com/thekclubdesignerhairwarwick/posts/3510011765768314