Warwick Hospital's new multi-storey car park is now open

Warwick Hospital's new multi-storey car park. Photo suppliedWarwick Hospital's new multi-storey car park. Photo supplied
Warwick Hospital's new multi-storey car park. Photo supplied
All staff should now have a parking space - and that should also free up spaces for patients

Warwick Hospital' s new multi-storey car park has now opened.

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust’s new car park is located in Millers Road in Warwick and has 469 spaces for staff, increasing on-site parking for patients.

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According to the Trust, the car park, which has CCTV throughout and opened today (Monday February 21), will enable the organisation to use the Warwick Hospital site differently by presenting potential for further development opportunities - giving the Trust more flexibility to improve services and increase clinical offerings.

It will also mean all staff who were on the Warwick Hospital car park waiting list have now been automatically granted a permit.

The Trust will now be able to offer staff parking permits from their first day rather than six months into employment.

The car park also includes 22 electric vehicle charging bays.

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Warwick Hospital staff nurse, Ruth Connelly, said: “Coming into hospital can be an apprehensive time for patients and when they are unable to easily park their car it adds to their anxiety.

"I’m pleased the Trust has made the commitment to provide more staff parking spaces to increase on-site parking for patients and enable all staff to park their cars.

"As a nurse who starts work at different times, having access to a secure, safe car park is really helpful and I know all of my colleagues are grateful that the Trust has made this investment.”

MP for Warwick and Leamington Matt Western added: “For too long our devoted hospital staff have been forced off-site to find parking, often on neighbouring residential roads at the risk of fines.

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“I’m glad that after all the years of frustration from staff and residents the problems should be resolved.

“But the problem of parking could remain a significant issue if NHS staff are forced to continue to pay for their car parking.

“The new car park is not free for staff. But it should be.

“You don’t have to pay at normal workplaces and if anyone deserves and should expect free parking, it is NHS staff.”