Warwick man thanks kind helpers who looked after him after he tripped over a dog that was off the lead

He said the owners of the dog walked away

Terry Amos fell in St Nicholas Park after a dog stopped in front of him

A Warwick resident who recently had a fall in a park in the town is issuing a thank you message to the two kind women who helped him.

Last Saturday morning (October 23) Terry Amos was walking through St Nicholas Park when he fell over a dog that was off the lead.

Terry said: "I was walking towards the kiddie rides and this dog was running around and it ran in front of me and stopped and I fell over it.

"I cracked my head on the path and then I was just lying there when I felt two people lift me up and moved me to sit on a bench.

"It was two women in their 20s and they were fantastic.

"One sat with me and spoke to me while the other went off to either the fairground or cafe and came back with an antibacterial wipe and a plaster for my head.

"The fairground guy also gave me a bottle of water.

"The women kept asking me how I was and I would say 'I felt okay'.

"One of them did call for an ambulance and when they put me on the phone with them I said that I was okay and didn't pass out so they didn't need to come. I didn't want to bother them because they are so busy with this Covid.

"The girls sat with me for 10 minutes and then when I got up to go back into town they walked with me to make sure I was okay.

"Unfortunately I was in my own bubble at the time and didn't get their names but they were both absolutely fantastic and I would like to say thank you to them.

"The people who owned the dog just walked off when it happened."

Terry said that he has noticed a few issues with dogs in St Nicholas Park.

"The thing that annoys me about the St Nicks is that people just let their dogs off the lead and let them run around and they chase the ducks and the swans or they are running around chasing a ball.

"The owners just don't care about the other people.

"I still have marks on my face now but it's getting better. It could have been much worse if I had gone face down - God knows what would have happened."