Warwick primary school pupil's poster will be shown at COP26 climate conference

Meera's poster was selected as one of two winners out of 700 entries from across the region

A poster that have been created by a pupil from a primary school in Warwick is due to be shown at the COP26 Climate conference.

With the important international conference on climate change coming up in Glasgow, Rotary Clubs around the UK challenged schools to produce posters on the subject.

In Warwick, both Westgate Primary and Coten End Primary Schools rose to the challenge and over a hundred entries were received.

Warwick Rotary president Paul Jaspal with Meera Prakash and her teacher Rosie Bloomfield. Photo supplied


A poster by Meera Prakash of Coten End Primary School was one of two winners selected by judges out of 700 entries from across the Midlands and will be displayed at COP 26 for the world leaders to see.

Meera’s poster showed the world as a melting ice cream cone, with the message 'we can make a change' and 'every little helps'.

Rotary Clubs have made 'protecting the environment' a key area of focus for their work across the globe.

If anyone is interested in joining the Rotary Club they can find more information at: www.warwickrotary.org.uk or they can contact secretary Jackie Crampton by emailing: [email protected]


Meera Prakash's poster. Photo supplied