Warwick pub to host 'Pugtoberfest' event - with live music, German foods and Bavarian beers

The event will span across two days

Ben Pavey, bar supervisor and event organiser and bartender Sophia Heath outside the Black Pug in Warwick. Photo supplied

A pub in Warwick is set to host its first 'Pugoberfest' next month.

The Black Pug, which is in Coten End, will be hosting event over Friday October 1 and Saturday October 2.

'Pugtoberfest' will feature several live music acts, traditional German foods and a range of Bavarian beers.

Ben Pavey, bar supervisor and event organiser and bartender Sophia Heath at the Black Pug in Warwick. Photo supplied

On the Saturday the pub will be holding the “Pugtoberfest Games”, where guests can compete in events as the sausage toss and the beer stein relay to win prizes.

Ben Pavey, bar supervisor and event organiser, said: "Myself and the team at Pug Pubs couldn’t be happier to be bringing Pugtoberfest to Warwick.

"We spent a long time discussing the best way to showcase our beer garden and try something a bit different as we move out of summer and into the autumn.

"Before long our gaze turned to Germany’s Oktoberfest, the worlds largest beer festival. Oktoberfest is all about good beer, good food and good friends, something that we are all about a Pug Pubs so we thought 'lets do that'.

"Ultimately this event was born out of the pubs reactions to dealing with Covid-19.

"When all of us at Pug Pubs came back to work in April after lockdown we weren’t allowed to serve customers inside the pub.

"It was at this time that Matt Crowther (the director of the company) and the rest of the management team decided to fully commit to serving outside.

"We bought as many tables as we could get our hands on, we installed an outside bar and most importantly, we bought the tent.

"Before long we were allowed to serve customers inside but noticed that for, whatever reason, customers preferred to be served in the garden.

"We feel that now the garden is very much at the core of our business and we wanted to throw an event that would really celebrate this as we move into the autumn."

Pugtoberfest will run from 5pm to 11pm on both days.

Families will be allowed access to the tent on Saturday free of charge but will need to buy a ticket after 5pm.

Tickets will charged at £10 for general admission and £7 a head for group booking larger than 10. Tickets entitle guests to entry to the tent, a pint of beer and pretzels for the tables.