Warwick residents fighting to stop fresh plans for 15-metre 'monstrosity' 5G mast

An application was previously rejected by Warwick District Council planners in September last year but it has since been re-submitted

Fresh plans for a 15-metre ‘monstrosity’ 5G mobile phone mast in Warwick have sparked renewed opposition from residents.

An application was previously rejected by Warwick District Council planners in September last year but has since been re-submitted by Hutchinson 3G UK.

The company says the mast, which would be on Primrose Hill in Woodloes Park, would upgrade the Three mobile network to provide improved coverage and capacity.

Warwick and Leamington MP Matt Western with some of the residents on the Woodloes who are against the plans for the new 5G mast. Photo supplied

But scores of residents are campaigning against the application including Steve Parish whose family lives nearby and is distressed by the prospect of the enormous mast.

He said: “This isn’t about ‘tin foil hats’ or ‘nimbyism’, this about preserving the character of estate.

"We are not against progress or technology and understand we need good infrastructure, but surely this can be done with consideration and sensitivity, working with the community?

“I find the lack of regard for the residents wishes disturbing - they already voiced opinion on this and won.

"I find the fact they can just tweak some measurements and resubmit an insult to the community.

"People invest their lives into their homes they don’t expect to have monstrosities like this thrust upon them.”

Warwick and Leamington MP Matt Western added: “The great many people that have contacted me have all pointed out that no effort has been made to address the concerns raised before.

"The application states that the mast will be shielded by trees and streetlights, but a mast of this size will still be very visible and impact properties nearby.

“It seems no effort has been made to engage with the local community to work constructively to find an alternative site.

"I would urge that this should be a key priority going forward to resolve this issue.”

Jackie D’Arcy, County Councillor for Warwick North and Town Councillor for Woodloes and All Saints, said: “Residents who have contacted me are really concerned about this plan.

"Its proposed location is not in keeping with the character of a residential and garden estate, there are health concerns and ecological concerns as well.

"I cannot see how this new application is an improvement or indeed vastly different to the last one and I call on WDC planning to reject this application again.”

To view the plans or submit a comment go to Warwick District Council's planning portal and search: W/21/0725.