Warwick residents raise concerns about water leak that has been ongoing for over a month

They say the leak has got worse

Residents in Warwick have raised concerns about a water leak that has been going on for over a month.

Pat Butler, who lives in Woodhouse Street, reported the leak to Severn Trent Water (STW) in July and says that since then the leak has got much worse.

She said that she has been in touch with STW about six times and it said it was waiting for a permit from the council.

The water leak in Woodhouse Street. Photo supplied

"At first it was just a small leak and now it is ginormous," she added.

"We are concerned about the amount of water that is running down the street. It is running down like stream now.

"It is also right up to the wall outside one of the properties and the lady that lives there she is elderly and frightened to go out in case she slips on the slippery surface."

A Severn Trent spokesperson said: "We're really sorry for the disruption caused by the leak on Woodhouse Street.

The water leak in Woodhouse Street. Photo supplied

"Before we can start repairs, we need to work with the council and ensure the repair can take place safely with all correct measures in place, as well as at an agreed time and permits.

"We're currently working with the council on this, and it will be our priority to complete the repair as quickly, and safely as possible.

"Again, we're incredibly sorry for the inconvenience and we fully appreciate everyone's patience."

A spokesperson for Warwickshire County Council said: "Severn Trent Water have applied for a permit to carry out works in Woodhouse Street.

The water leak in Woodhouse Street. Photo supplied

"They have requested to carry out these repairs on the 21/09/21 and are due to complete on the 23/09/21.

"This requested permit has been granted by WCC.

"STW have not contacted WCC to express concerns over any leaks in Woodhouse Street.

"If they were concerned, then they have the right to treat this as an emergency and to start repair work immediately, they would not require permission from WCC to do this."