Warwick Rotarians help to give boost to young people living through and beyond cancer

They have been helping the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, which supports young people in their fight against cancer.

Rotarians in Warwick have been playing their part in supporting young people in their fight against cancer.

Support from Rotarians across Warwickshire, including Warwick Rotary Club, will this year help inspire young people supported by Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust to believe in a brighter future living through and beyond cancer.

Christina Micklewright, community fundraiser from Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, joined an online meeting last week to tell Warwick Rotarians how their support will make a difference in helping the Trust get young people back on the water after a Covid-disrupted year.

A Warwick-based volunteer on a sailing trip with young people. Photo supplied

Every year 1,900 youngsters under 14, and a further 2,500 between 15 to 24 are diagnosed with cancer.

Fortunately four in five will survive but their journey, and that of their families, is hard enough without the restrictions of the pandemic.

Christina said: “When treatment ends our work begins as for many young people simply picking up where they left off before their diagnosis isn’t possible."

The Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust is a national charity founded by the round-the-world yachtswoman in 2003.

Through sailing and outdoor activity trips, young people aged eight to 24 build confidence by making friends with others who have had similar experiences, often for the first time, re-discover independence away from home, begin to realise what they are capable of again, and most importantly, they stop feeling like 'the only one'.

From March 2019 all 'in-person' activity has been cancelled with young people vulnerable and shielding being restricted to their homes.

The Trust reached out to parents offering a virtual programme of concerts, bake off’s, careers sessions and drop-in conversations as well as an on-line book club, providing support and reducing isolation.

This year they are hoping to get back on the water and as a charity they continue to need donations.

Christina said: “Young people living through and beyond cancer need us more than ever right now because the isolation, loneliness and anxiety experienced by young people with cancer

has been massively amplified by Covid.

"Through Trust support, their mental well-being improves, and they can start to re-establish their place in the world."

Thanking Christina for her presentation, Rotarian Alan Bailey said he was impressed by the charity's activities

The Warwick Rotary Club said they were pleased to have already donated as part of wider support for the Trust as District 1060 Charity of the year.

Christina added: “We are so grateful for the support given by the Warwick Rotary Club and it was a pleasure to join them and share the difference their support will make to so many young people this year, including some from across Warwickshire.”

For more information go to: www.ellenmacarthurcancertrust.org