Well-being coach teaches Leamington pupils how to 'tap into their superpowers' with stress-relieving technique

The technique was used to help show pupils how they can manage stress and difficult emotions at school and at home

A well-being coach recently visited a school in Leamington to teach pupils how to 'tap into their superpowers' with a stress-relieving technique

Ahead of World Mental Health Day, which was on Sunday (October 10), pupils in Year 5 at Arnold Lodge School had the opportunity to learn a hands-on technique called EFT Tapping as part of a ‘Tapping into your Superpowers’ workshop led by Meeta Darji, a local well-being coach and EFT practitioner specializing in stress and burnout.

EFT, also referred to as ‘Tapping’, stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.

Meeta Darji teaching the tapping technique at Arnold Lodge school. Photo supplied

It is a stress-relieving tool combining modern psychology and ancient Chinese medicine and can work in a matter of minutes to calm the mind and body.

Using the concept of acupuncture, EFT works by using fingers – instead of needles – to tap on specific points on the face and body.

Meeta says that these acupressure points which sit beneath the skin, respond to touch and when activated through tapping, clear any blockages in the energy system caused by stress, pain or trauma.

The interactive workshop series created by Meeta combines meditation, mindfulness techniques and EFT Tapping to show pupils how manage to stress and difficult emotions at school and at home.

Meeta Darji teaching the tapping technique at Arnold Lodge school. Photo supplied

Meeta Darji, founder of Naturally Nourished with Meeta, said: “Stress and anxiety doesn’t discriminate and navigating difficult emotions is hard at any age.

"EFT is a practical, easy-to-apply technique that has an immediate calming effect and is therefore perfect in a classroom environment alongside techniques such as breathwork and mindfulness.

"I’m so passionate about teaching these important life skills to children and equip them for school life and beyond.

"As we face a post-pandemic mental health crisis, it’s great to see schools like Arnold Lodge prioritizing the social and emotional well-being of its pupils which will no doubt have a ripple effect in their overall health and attitude to learning.”

Well-being coach Meeta Darji demonstrating the tapping technique on one of the facial points. Photo supplied

Matt James, head of the junior school, Arnold Lodge, added: “At Arnold Lodge we are committed to support the emotional well-being of our entire school community, especially with the difficulties they have faced over the last 18 months.

"Meeta ran a few sessions – in school and online – during the pandemic last year with the Junior school which were a great hit and we’re delighted to invite her back with her ‘Tapping

into your Superpowers’ series for the entire Junior school to support our Skills for Life curriculum.”