What a load of rubbish: Cubbington councillor had to empty litter bins around the village himself after service team did not turn up for collection again

Parish council vice chairman David Saul has described Warwick District Council's contract services team as 'not fit for purpose' after what he says is the latest in a list of issues to arise

An overflowing bin in Rugby Road, Cubbington.

Overflowing public litter and dog waste bins in Cubbington due to a collection not taking place lead to a parish councillor having to take matters into his own hands.

Council vice chairman David Saul said he received several calls with "justified complaints" from concerned residents when the bins in and around the village and its parks were not emptied by Warwick District Council' s contractors on Friday and that he went out with bin liners to carry out a tidy up himself

The street bins in the village are normally emptied twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays with those at the recreation ground being emptied once a week.

A full bin in Queen Street, Cubbington.

But Councillor Saul said that if any of these collections do not take place then the overflowing bins become a health hazard very quickly

Cllr Saul said: "This is not the first time contract services have failed the residents of Cubbington and I am not going to stand by and let them suffer.

"For or a long time, contract services is not and has not been fit for purpose.

"I wonder if the collection on Tuesday this week had have happened had I not complained or without the involvement of The Courier?"

An overflowing bin at the recreation ground in Cubbington.

Cllr Saul added: "In the past we have had problems with grass verges and grass not being cut by the council.

"It has been an absolute nightmare at times and after complaining bitterly I was told it had reduced the number of times it would be cutting the grass in the village anyway.

"I'm also concerned that the council will adopt the £40 charge for emptying green waste bins like Stratford District Council has.

"Charges like those always hit those who can least afford them and that is shameful."

Jane Chatterton, the clerk for the parish council, added: "The dog poo bin is very close to the children’s play equipment on the recreation ground and can become a smelly health hazard.

"We work hard to maintain a lovely tidy area for everyone to enjoy but the build up of litter and lack of attendance from contract services is spoiling it."

All the bins around the village were emptied on Tuesday (August 17) - five days after the missed collection last Friday (August 13).

In response, Cllr Alan Rhead, Warwick District Council's portfolio holder for climate change, said: “There are over 1,200 litter bins located across the district and the frequency with which they are emptied is based on their location and use. There are times when the bins will fill up faster than we can empty them, and in these instances we ask people to take their litter to another bin or home with them to recycle or dispose of in their grey bin.

“We often review the frequency of collections to see whether bins in quieter areas can be emptied less frequently, allowing us to empty bins in busier areas more regularly. Reports of overflowing litter bins can be reported to us on our website for action.

“The fact is that simply providing more bins or emptying them more often is not the solution. A new litter bin costs approximately £450 to install, with the ongoing costs of emptying them currently around £430,000 per year. If we all take responsibility for the waste that we generate then our streets will remain clean.”