Police revealing all calls they deal with today on Twitter

Every emergency and non-emergency call to Warwickshire Police is being revealed today (Friday October 28) on social media network Twitter.

The 24-hour ‘tweet-a-thon’ started at 7am today, and aims to show the public the variety of calls the police receieve in a given day.

Among the calls reported at the time of writing include damaged vehicles in Russell Street in Leamington, theft from a shop in Coten Road in Warwick, and a smashed car window in Whites Street in Kenilworth.

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The event marks the start of ‘Protect 2016’, a ten-day event which will show off the work the police carry out to the public.

Deputy Chief Constable Chris Singer said: “Police themed movies and television documentaries might give a very exciting and dramatic picture of the role of the police but they rarely show the actual variety of work that your police service carry out each and every day.

“Protect 2016 is our chance to show you that when it comes to keeping you safe - it’s not just about uniformed officers catching criminals and putting them behind bars.”

To see the reports, click here, follow the Twitter account @warkspolice1 or search for the hashtag #OpProtect.