CORRECTION: Who should you vote for?

On 22 May, this newspaper published an interactive quiz on our website entitled '˜Who should I vote for?'.

Unfortunately, during creation of this quiz, an unsuitable template was selected from a third party quiz provider. This error resulted in some users being presented with incorrect results on completion of the quiz.

This article fell short of our usual editorial standards and we apologise for any frustration or confusion caused.

This quiz has been removed from our website.

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In the interests of transparency, we have presented correct results of how our users voted on each policy below.

Total number of participants completed: 8720

Figures shown percentage of user votes


No deal is better than a bad deal - CONSERVATIVES - 35.5%

There should be a second referendum -LIBERAL DEMOCRATS -26.6%

Reject no deal option and emphasise customs union - LABOUR - 37.9%


Scrap tuition Fees - LABOUR - 41.8%

Build at least 100 new free schools - CONSERVATIVES - 21.6%

Reinstate maintenence grants for poor students - LIBERAL DEMOCRATS - 36.6%


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Develop shale industry and meet 2050 carbon target - CONSERVATIVES - 42.6%

Ban Fracking - LABOUR - 41.8%

Ban sale of diesel cars and vans by 2025 - LIBERAL DEMOCRATS - 15.6%


Push for freedom of movement and welcome immigration - LIBERAL DEMOCRATS - 16.5%

Reduce net migration below 100k - CONSERVATIVES - 28.4%

Fair immigration based on needs of society - LABOUR - 55.1%


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Commit to over £30 bn extra funding for NHS - LABOUR - 41.9%

Increase NHS spending by £8bn - CONSERVATIVES - 19.9%

Introduce 1p rise in income tax and raise £6bn for NHS - LIBERAL DEMOCRATS - 38.3%


Commit to over £30 billion in extra funding to the NHS - LABOUR - 41.9%

Build one million new homes by 2020 - CONSERVATIVES - 28.9%

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Build 30,000 rent to buy homes each year - LIBERAL DEMOCRATS - 28.3%

Economy and tax

Income tax rate 45p on £80,000 and above - LABOUR - 27.8%

Cut corporation tax to 17% by 2020 - CONSERVATIVES - 14.9%

Clampdown on tax avoiders - LIBERAL DEMOCRATS - 57.2%


Lead in nuclear disarmament and support the UN and NATO - LIBERAL DEMOCRATS - 28.1%

Maintain Trident and invest £178 billion on military equipment - CONSERVATIVES - 31.9%

Support renewal of Trident and put conflict resolution and human rights at the centre of foreign policy - LABOUR -40.00%

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