Group of asylum seekers ordered to Rugby by Home Office will not be housed in council homes

We spoke with the council after they issued a statement this morning
Rugby Town Hall.Rugby Town Hall.
Rugby Town Hall.

Rugby council has confirmed that a group of asylum seekers which the Home Office has ordered to Rugby will be staying in private accommodation and not taking up council home spaces.

Earlier today Rugby Borough Council released a statement after learning that the Home Office had ordered that a group of asylum seekers be brought to Rugby while their applications are considered.

The council had not been consulted on the matter, and a spokesperson said the Home Office must ensure they take responsibility of the welfare of the asylum seekers and Rugby residents.

Some Rugbeians responded the news with concern that the asylum seekers might be placed in council homes - thereby pushing residents further to the back of the queue.

The Advertiser has since spoken with Rugby council and, although they could not reveal the exact arrangements for the asylum seekers, they confirmed that they will not be placed in council homes.

Rugby council leader Seb Lowe told the Advertiser: "This was a prior arrangement between a private provider and the Home Office, which was done without our knowledge."

The council's full statement, issued this morning, July 29, reads: "The Home Office has notified Rugby Borough Council that from today (29 July) asylum seekers are to be housed in Rugby while their status as refugees is assessed.

"We were not consulted on this decision.

"We ask the Home Office to decide these applications for refugee status quickly and fairly.

"In the meantime the Home Office must ensure that they provide adequate support to these individuals to allow them to integrate and adjust to life in their new communities.

"The Home Office must take responsibility for their welfare, and the welfare of any communities that are affected by this decision."

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