Partially built extension in Whitnash will have to be demolished after being deemed 'out of keeping' with other houses in the road

The owner and a councillor pleaded with planning officers to allow work to continue - and neighbours have not raised concerns

A partially built extension to a Whitnash home will have to be demolished after councillors agreed that it was out of keeping with other houses in the road.

Owner Steve Burford explained to yesterday's (Tuesday's) Warwick District Council planning committee that work had started because plans for a two-storey extension had been approved back in 2006.

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He told councillors the decision had been taken in good faith and that there had been support from others living in the road including his immediate neighbours either side.

A partially built extension to a Whitnash home will have to be demolished after councillors agreed that it was out of keeping with other houses in the road.

He added: “Our neighbouring property, number 32, has already been extended by a significant two-storey extension meaning that our proposed extension would result in a pair of well-balanced properties with much greater symmetry than currently exists.

“The application is supported by our ward councillor and all our near neighbours - no single resident has raised concerns. It cannot be a sustainable use of resources to reverse building works already undertaken in good faith and to which there has been no single objection.”

Ward member Cllr Judy Falp (Ind, Whitnash) urged members of the planning committee to go against their officer’s recommendation and grant permission.

She said: “I disagree with the view on the impact on the street scene as do residents who live there and who have supported the application. In fact it would make the two semis balance.

“The road goes around in a circle so only residents and their visitors would use it. Nobody has objected so what harm is it doing? The extension being built, in good faith and as per original plans, would have to be knocked down and started again so there would be an extension but one slightly smaller.”

But in a report to councillors, officers explained that the work was not in keeping with the district council’s own residential design guide which had been adopted in 2017.

It concluded: “It is considered that the proposed first floor side extension forms an incongruous structure within the street scene that does not harmonise with the built form of its surroundings and harmfully reduces the open nature of the corner plot location. It is therefore recommended that planning consent is refused in this instance.”

Cllr Terry Morris (Con, Warwick Saltisford) said: “I would suggest that what is being proposed and part way being built at the moment does not mirror the neighbouring property and it does not look balanced.”

And committee chairman Cllr Alan Boad (Lib Dem, Leamington Lillington) added: “The worry I have is if we allow this one, are we likely to set a precedent and that does concern me because this is clearly a big extension that doesn’t comply with the design guide.”

Councillors voted to refuse permission by eight votes to one.