Plans to build 200 homes in Whitnash have been refused - again

The plans were rejected back in February - but the developers brought the plans back to the planning committee again

Plans to build 200 homes in Whitnash have been refused - again.

The East Whitnash development, on land south of Chesterton Gardens, was rejected at tonight's (Wednesday) Warwick District Council planning meeting by seven votes to four.

The plans have faced much opposition from local residents and councillors and were refused at a planning meeting back in February.

Plans to build 200 homes in Whitnash have been refused - again.

But Developers AC Lloyd said it had addressed all the previous issues and brought the plans back in front of councillors.

The developers have also lodged an appeal with the Government, which will be heard separately by a planning inspector.

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Councillor Will Roberts who represents the area, said: "This is a fantastic result. I'm delighted that the committee listened to the carefully argued cases that residents, myself and other councillors put forward about the severe noise and air pollution impact on people's lives .

"I think that AC Lloyd thought they could come in with a few cosmetic changes and the threat of legal bills at appeal and overturn a decision made by democratically elected councillors just three months ago.

I now urge them to stop wasting our time, withdraw their appeal and come back to us when they've sorted out the issues that affect residents."

Matt Western, MP for Warwick and Leamington, has raised the issue in Parliament twice and came back from London to speak at the meeting.

After the meeting, he said: "This must be decisive. Tonight at Warwick District Council’s planning committee meeting, developer AC Lloyd’s plans for the ‘East Whitnash’ development have been rejected. I spoke at the meeting and I have raised this matter in Parliament on a number of occasions.

"It threatened to transform most of Sydenham into a gigantic cul-de-sac consisting of more than 1,000 homes – exacerbating traffic, air quality and noise concerns. It would have made residents’ lives a misery.

"The decision sends a message to AC Lloyd that the development is not wanted by the residents of Sydenham. It also signals that the people of Leamington will not be bullied by big developers – and the Government’s Planning Bill which aims to stifle our right to oppose such developments will not change that.

"But the battle will continue. AC Lloyd will return, and we must quell its appeal to the Planning Inspector.

"For now, this is another victory for local democracy."

Local councillor Mini Mangat said: "I was delighted to speak in objection to this application at tonight’s committee meeting as the district ward councillor representing this area.

"Planning committee’s decision to reject this application is absolutely the right one. AC Lloyd made some minor changes to the application they submitted 3 months previous but still failed to seriously address issues of noise, amenity and access.

"As I said in the meeting the health, wellbeing and quality of life of families in the area must be protected first and foremost."