Warwickshire residents unhappy with parking permit price hike could get their road out of the scheme, councillor suggests

Warwickshire residents unhappy with a planned 100 per cent price hike of their parking permits could club together and ask for their road to be removed from the scheme.

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That was the message from a special meeting of the county council’s communities overview and scrutiny committee held this week, April 5.

The latest cabinet meeting endorsed recommendations put forward by a cross-party working group which would see the cost of a first permit increased to £50 with a second permit - and ones for visitors - costing £75. It was also agreed that the increase would be put on hold for 12 months and there would also be a period of public consultation.

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But four Labour councillors called in the decision, arguing that there was a lack of clarity over the figures, that the increases took no account of residents’ ability to pay and that there were not enough parking spaces for those permit-holders. They also said the report gave no consideration to streets opting out of the parking zone.

Cllr Sarah Feeney (Lab, Benn) said: “There are huge amounts of inequality here. We are asking people probably on the lowest pay band to pay for more.

“Another problem is that there just isn’t enough space. People are having to park two or three streets away if they are lucky and they feel aggrieved that we are asking them to pay more just for the hope of finding a place to park.

Cllr Wallace Redford (Con, Cubbington and Leek Wootton), the portfolio holder for transport and planning, said: “No-one is suffering or having to pay for the increases because we have put forward a moratorium for 12 months. In addition to that, cabinet has directed that we will have a further consultation.

“As for whether people can get out of the scheme, of course they can but not one house in one street. What you have to do is consult with your residents and get sufficient numbers - a majority.”

But there was a warning from committee chairman Cllr Jeff Clarke (Con, Nuneaton East) who said: “Most of the residents’ parking schemes have been requested by residents particularly to deal with issues of on-street parking.

"You might find you are in a position where you were before with unrestricted parking.”