ELECTION REACTION: How the parties have reacted after a day of big shocks at Warwick District Council

On a day of surprises at the Warwick District Council elections, our Local Democracy Reporter David Lawrence spoke to the various parties straight after the results were announced.
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New Green councillor Alix Dearing said: “We are absolutely delighted and couldn’t be more pleased. We’ve worked really, really hard and honoured to have gained so many seats because the local people have supported us wonderfully by sharing our vision for the future. We have enjoyed the campaign and we have enjoyed hearing what people have to say.

“We think the time has come for change and we want to engage people in the political process far more. We want to get some solutions underway for the problems we face and they need to be green sustainable solutions.

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“We want strong opposition and strong ideas. We want a council that is far more collaborative, something that I think we could do with at a national level.”

Former Labour leader Kristie Naimo said: “It is disappointing for me and for Labour but I’m still optimistic because we have some fantastic candidates who were elected.

“Looking at the results I think this is an indication of people wanting to see parties working together more and I would really like to see that. You have nearly every colour up there and we’re talking about a rainbow alliance or coalition and I’d encourage people to think about that.

“Locally the HQ project has been highly controversial and I think that has led to some of the results that we have seen in Leamington and the environment is now on everyone’s agenda now and that’s a really positive thing and personally I’m really pleased to see that.

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“As far as Brexit is concerned, it has put people off voting and that is clear in the low runout in a lot of places.”

Conservative Terry Morris retained his seat but added: “We’ve lost seats and we’re always disappointed when we lose seats. We need to regroup now and move forward.

“We need to look at the constitution because the leader has gone so clearly we need to pick a new one.

“The conversations on the doorstep have been mixed. A lot of people have collapsed national politics with local politics and the whole Brexit situation hasn’t done anyone any favours. We expected a low turnout and I think it has been better than it could have been because there is a lot of apathy across all levels.

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Liberal Democrat leader Alan Boad: “To go from nine to two councillors four years ago and now to get back up to nine and be the second largest group is good. Nine may not sound that big but when no-one can get a majority easily it is very good.

“I was fortunate to hold on four years ago and now I have my team back.

“It’s probably fair to say that I’ve been the thorn in the side of most people in the council chamber because I’ve been there 32 years and have the experience so it will be interesting times.

“We’re a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get Clarendon where we were short by about 200 votes and Labour snuck it. Twelve would have been nice but nine will do.”