Live: Election results as they are announced for the Warwick district

The results have been coming in for the Warwickshire County Council elections
Thousands of people voted for their county councillors yesterday (Thursday) - and now the results are coming in.Thousands of people voted for their county councillors yesterday (Thursday) - and now the results are coming in.
Thousands of people voted for their county councillors yesterday (Thursday) - and now the results are coming in.

Thousands of people voted for their county councillors yesterday (Thursday) - and now the results are in.

This afternoon the resulst for the whole county and the Warwick district were announced.

We were there to hear them - and here are the results.

If you wish to see the results for the Stratford district, click hereSee our reaction article here: Election reaction: Leader expresses her delight after Conservatives strengthen their hold on Warwickshire County Council

Election results for the Warwick district seats in Warwickshire County Council

Budbrooke & Bishop`s Tachbrook Ward

Tories hold the seat

Jan Baltazy Matecki - Conservative (2197 votes)

Kelly Ann Box - Labour Party (970 votes)

Dominic John Harrison - Green Party (512 votes)

Gerry Jackson - Liberal Democrats (313 votes)

Cubbington & Leek Wootton Ward

Tories retain the seat

Wallace Redford - Con (1791 votes)

Nicola Susan Lomas - Lib Dems (281 votes)

Luis Perdigao - Volt UK (63 votes)

John Harrow Roberts - Lab (647 votes)

Angela Valerie Smith - Greens (397 votes)

Kenilworth Park Hill Ward

Green Party takes the seat off the Tories

Tracey Jane Drew - Greens (1983 votes)

Samantha Anne Cooke - Lib Dems (225 votes)

Jeremy Eastaugh - Lab (223 votes)

Andy Metcalf - Con (1153 votes)

Kenilworth St. John`s Ward

Tories hold the seat

Richard John Spencer - Con (1513 votes)

Wendy Rosemary Edwards - Greens (504)

Jane Margaret Green - Lab (477)

Wayne Richard Harris - Soc Dem (57)

Adrian John George Marsh - Lib Dem (1195)

Lapworth & West Kenilworth Ward

Tories retain the seat

John Anthony Cooke - Con (1450 votes)

Robert Charles Eason - Lib Dems (309 votes)

Sue Gallagher - Ind (411 votes)

Nicholas Peter Hoten - Lab (283 votes)

John Watson - Greens (606 votes)

Leamington Brunswick Ward

Green hold the seat

Jonathan David Chilvers - Green (1466 votes)

Perjit Kaur Aujla - Lib Demo (72 votes)

Dhesh Chehal - Soc Dem (21 votes)

Jojo Norris - Lab (683 votes)

Charlton Fitz-James Sayer - Con (245 votes)

Benjamin Spann - UK VOICE (21 votes)

Leamington Clarendon Ward

Labour takes the seat from the Lib Dems

Sarah Millar - Lab (1388 votes)

Hafeez Ahmed - Ind (82 votes)

Nicola Sian Davies - Lib Dem (814 votes)

Ignaty Dyakov-Richmond - Greens (281 votes)

Charlotte Victoria Earl - Con (738 votes)

Leamington Milverton Ward

Lib Dems have retained the ward

Bill Gifford - Liberal Democrats (1926 votes)

Rosemary Dixon - Labour (576 votes)

Sally Juliet Duns - Green (224 votes)

Luke Daniel Shortland - Conservative (597 votes)

Leamington North Ward

Lib Dems have retained the ward

Sarah Elizabeth Boad - Lib Dems (1702 votes)

James Pierce Butler - Conservative (631 votes)

Chris King - Labour (738 votes)

Gerry Smith - UKIP (43 votes)

Marcia Elaine Watson - Green Party (261 votes)

Leamington Willes Ward

Greens takes the seat from Labour

Will Roberts - Green (1670 votes)

Helen Elizabeth Adkins - Lab (1055 votes)

Bronwen Mary Pryse Davies - Con (281 votes)

Jo-Anne Kandola - Lib Dem (46 votes)

Warwick North Ward

Labour take the seat from the Tories

Jackie D'Arcy - Lab (1339 votes)

Rana Das-Gupta - Lib Dem (157 votes)

Josh Payne - Soc Dem (105 votes)

Pam Williams - Con (1239 votes)

Warwick South Ward

Tories hold the seat

Parminder Singh Birdi - Conservative (1286 votes)

Trevor George Barr - Liberal Democrats (493 votes)

Christopher James Burr - Social Democratic Party (34 votes)

Kathleen Jane Gorman - Green Party (890 votes)

Linda Hugl - Labour Party (715 votes)

Warwick West Ward

Labour hold the seat

John Richard Holland - Labour Party (1852 votes)

Paul Gerard Atkins - Green Party (311 votes)

Mubarik Ahmad Chowdry - Liberal Democrats (159 votes)

Neale Murphy - Conservative (1266 votes)

Whitnash Ward

Whitnash Residents Association hold the seat

Judy Falp - Whitnash Residents Association (1160 votes)

Pip Burley - Lab (667 votes)

David John Norris - Con (408 votes)

Sarah Jane Richards - Greens (180 votes)

Laurie James Steele - UKIP (69 votes)

Chris Walsh - Lib Dems (39 votes)


Conservative 42 (36 in 2017)

Labour 6 (10 in 2017)

Liberal Democrats 5 (8 in 2017)

Greens 3 (2 in 2017)

Whitnash Res Ass 1 (1 in 2017)