Poppy Appeal could reach £60k

The Poppy Appeal in the Leamington district has raised just over £57,000 – with organisers hoping to reach £60,000 by the end of the year’s fundraising.
Poppy collection tinsPoppy collection tins
Poppy collection tins

Poppy Appeal organiser Pat Edgington said having a shop to work from in the Royal Priors Centre and being allowed to have collectors on the Leamington town centre streets for the two weeks of the appeal also helped boost funds.

And a fashion show by Leamington-based Bodies & Co helped the appeal’s tally by £6,000.

Mrs Edgington said: “It’s a pat on the back for Leamington and surrounding district.

People have been incredibly generous, even though many are feeling the pinch.”

She said having the shop in the Royal Priors enabled the Sea Cadets and Army Cadets to work from it during the town centre collections.

“Without the Royal Priors I don’t think we would have got this much.”

“It would be great to get to £60,000 by the end of this fundraising year and we’re always ready to have stands at events.”

The Poppy Appeal year runs from October to the following September, and last year £48,041 was raised.

“I think the troops coming back from Afghanistan and the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War has raised awareness of the service and courage of our armed forces.

“And I think there’s more younger people benefiting from the Poppy Appeal now.”

She said what also boosted the appeal was collection boxes in primary schools and a concert and drum-head service at the Royal Spa Centre.