Rail plan ‘could create 1,600 jobs’

MORE than 1,600 jobs will be created if a rail link project between Leamington and Coventry is approved, say transport experts.

Centro, the tranpsort authority for the West Midlands region, has urged Government ministers to give their approval to three projects which together will cost the Government £60 million between 2014 and 2019.

Among them is a new track which will run between Milverton and Kenilworth, allowing the current CrossCountry service from reading to Newcastle to run via Coventry and Birmingham International stations, which would mean double the number of trains will be running between Leamington and Coventry and Birmingham Airport.

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It will also provide Coventry and Birmingham International stations with a new hourly direct service to and from the East Midlands, Yorkshire and Tyneside - which doesn’t currently exist - and double the service frequency between Coventry and Birmingham International and Oxford and Reading.

A spokesman for Centro said that research undertaken by independent consultants KPMG has shown that the scheme will create more than 1,600 long-term jobs.

He also pointed out that the increased frequency will make it easier to provide train services at the proposed new train station in Kenilworth.