Remembrance Sunday in Barford

Inspired by the “seas of red” at the Tower of London, members of Barford’s Heritage Group staged their own thought-provoking Remembrance exhibition in the memorial hall.

Those who were good at needlework stitched hundreds of individually designed poppies to commemorate all those lost, but particularly the 16 men and one woman named on the Barford war memorial.

The village drama group also helped retell stories from both the First and Second World War, including one extraordinary story of survival involving a naval officer torpedoed three times in one day.

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The event involved the whole community, with some loaning personal memorabilia such as a World War I battle drum, rifle and shell-case.

A hunk of black bread, hidden in a prisoner of war’s cap, also illustrated the starvation suffered by many of those taken prisoner, and there was also a display of Life on the Home Front for Barford villagers.

Spokeswoman Dr Maggie Hayward said: “The poppies were inspired by the blood swept lands and seas of red in London.

“This event truly brought the past to life.”

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