Rugby author: is our town a UFO hot spot?

Jean Bradley with her new book.Jean Bradley with her new book.
Jean Bradley with her new book.
An author who has experienced what she believes could be an alien presence in Rugby is inviting readers to learn more about the possibility of the existence of extra terrestrial life with her new book.

Retired teacher Jean Bradley, 79, was partly driven to write her book, People Must Know the Truth, after experiencing what she describes as a ‘living nightmare’ which she and her husband believe could have been an alien sighting.

Mrs Bradley and her husband, John, said they were in their car travelling on the A5 near to the New Inn when the electronics and engine of their car cut out.

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She said lorries continued hurtling past them - causing them both to fear their car might be struck.

She noticed lights in the field next to the broken-down car and initially assumed they belonged to a farmer working late, although she thought it unlikely.

But the lights disappeared suddenly and the car began working again, at which point Mrs Bradley was crying out of fear.

Mrs Bradley, who has written six other books – several on local history – believes governments have information on alien life and UFOs which is being hidden from the general public so as not to cause panic.

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She said she believes people have the right to know the truth, and she hopes her book will prompt others who believe in aliens to come forward and share their experiences.

Her research led her to believe Rugby may be a ‘hot spot’ for UFO activity, possibly owing to the old radio masts.

When asked if she had any advice for aspiring writers, Mrs Bradley said: “When you’re writing you should never give up.”

She said several accomplished writers, including Josephine Cox, gave her the advice and it has proved invaluable.

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Mrs Bradley said when writing books she has no set amount of words to write for the day, and often doesn’t plan what she will write.

A book signing will take place from 11am to 2pm this Saturday (January 20) at Hunt’s bookshop in High Street, Rugby.

Mrs Bradley intends her next book to be about her grandfather, who served as a gunner in the First World War in Mons, Ypres and other battlefields.

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