Rugby band takes on Trump

Rugby band Paper Street Soap Company have a good following in the area and their videos on Facebook attract a few hundred views.

Paper Street Soap Company. NNL-170125-092853001
Paper Street Soap Company. NNL-170125-092853001

But that has all changed in the last week when they turned their attention to events in America and the inauguration of Donald Trump.

They came up with the song Between Hell & America to put into words and music what many people had been saying.

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With a video recorded in The Squirrel, the song was released last Wednesday and clearly touched a nerve.

Their greatest video hit on Facebook thus far had hit 660 views at the time of writing but Between Hell & America is past 100,000 and counting.

Front man Adam Johns said: “The song came about from a frustration about how things seem to be going in America and the world in general; war in the Middle East, American domestic and foreign policy.

“Although there is obviously a lot of protest around the world we struggled to hear a dissenting voice at least musically: where are the protest songs and artists, where are the Bob Dylans and Janis Joplins for our generation?

“We wanted it to be a wake-up call rather than a call to arms.

“We’re genuinely worried about what’s happening with Trump and how this is going to affect us all and this is how the song came about, over a few beers and a rehearsal in The Squirrel, who have been fantastic in their support.

“We wanted to put the song out in time for the inauguration to give maximum effect so recorded it with the brilliant James Grady and shot the video, edited and released on Wednesday last week, since when it has attracted a lot of attention.

“We have also uploaded the video to YouTube, the song to Soundcloud and the song will be available shortly on iTunes and Spotify.”

The band will be at The Squirrel on Saturday, February 4, followed by The Merchants on February 7