Rugby council to stop using hoses and sprinklers following water shortage

File picture: A floral display at Caldecott Park.File picture: A floral display at Caldecott Park.
File picture: A floral display at Caldecott Park.
Rugby council is cutting back on watering its floral displays following calls from Severn Trent for people to scale-back their water usage after shortages.

From this week, and until demand for water in the Rugby area reduces, the council's parks team will stop using sprinklers or automatic hose pipes to water baskets, containers or planted areas - instead watering by hand.

Severn Trent, the water utility that supplies Rugby, called for residents to to reduce demand after the hot weather in recent days saw demand outstrip supply - leading to water bottle stations being set-up at Sainsbury's and Tesco.

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Cllr Michael Stokes, leader of the council, said: "Having volunteered with Severn Trent over the weekend at one of their water pick-up points, it is clear that the problem of excessive demand is real and is one that we must respond to unselfishly."We can all take simple steps to reduce the amount of water we use, and it is important that the council leads by example. I hope that residents will also respond by cutting back on the amount of water that they use too."In a further step designed to help Severn Trent manage the water network, the council's parks team will avoid drawing any water during the peak morning and evening periods.To prevent costly damage and to fulfil bookings, the park bowling green will continue to be watered.The measures will be reviewed should Severn Trent issue any further guidance or impose a hose pipe ban, or should demand for water reduce.Cllr Lisa Parker, Rugby Borough Council portfolio holder for the environment and public realm, said: "Over the last few years we have reduced the amount of water we use by changing the designs of our displays and by taking other simple steps such as mulching our borders and adding water retention gels to our baskets and containers."Using less water on our bedding may set the plants back this summer, but it is important that we play our part in responding to the current water supply pressures."For more information on current water supply pressures, for tips on reducing demand, or to report a leak or supply problem visit the Severn Trent website at