Rugby entrepreneur wins second place at PR industry awards

Abbi HeadAbbi Head
Abbi Head
Abbi Head, founder of Little PR Rock Marketing, was praised for her article covering machine intelligence and social media

A Rugby entrepreneur has won second place at a PR industry awards.

Abbi Head, founder of Little PR Rock Marketing, was praised for her article on media overexposure, which was chosen as runner-up in the media relations category of the global Public Relations Today Most Valuable Post (MVP) Awards 2022.

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She said: "To be recognised as a PR professional who provides useful and actionable information that has been considered "tactical or strategic" in my industry has given me a massive boost to my confidence. PR is a matter of perseverance and resilience. I position myself and my clients as go-to experts and thought leaders, which is tough and takes time. I aspire to be the best version of myself. It also keeps me motivated."

Abbi's article which impressed the judges is titled 'Media Overexposure: How to Take Back Control of Your Media Presence' and appeared on Prowly, a PR industry website blog.

Since the second lockdown in 2020, Abbi has focused on creating a new business that she hopes would make her parents and herself proud. She named it Little PR Rock Marketing after her mother Pauline (meaning Little) and her father Peter (meaning Rock) as a tribute to their memory.

Abbi said she has developed her business to provide positivity during some of the most challenging times in her life.

Reflecting on her success at the PR industry awards, Abbi added: "Receiving the news was a perfect gift over the festive season when I thought about my family a lot."