Rugby man, 50, completes 10st weight loss after running 1,270 miles in a year for charity

On the day he turned 49 a Rugby man interrupted his holiday on the Isle of Wight to begin a year-long charity challenge that would see him run  over 1,270 miles and complete his ten-stone weight loss.

Graham before his weight loss.

Graham Old, now 50, was moved to begin running every day to raise money for Cancer Research after seeing how the disease affected several people close to him.

“I’ve seen too many people, friends and family, who passed way from cancer,” he said.

Graham at his target weight.

His brother, Derek, had previously beaten cancer.

In 2016 Mr Old weighed 25 stone – he described himself as active, but not fit, and certainly overweight.

In June of that year, he joined Slimming World, and by April of 2017 he had shed around eight stone.

Mr Old had also started running as part of the Couch 2 5k programme.

Nearing his 49th birthday, he decided he wanted to use his new love for running to help those struggling with cancer – he vowed to run every day for the next year.

Initially, he set the target at a mile a day, but quickly surpassed that to cover an average of 3.5 miles daily.

He said: “One of the biggest challenges has been fitting the running around work and other interests.”

At points, Mr Old had to set his alarm for 4.30am to ensure he had enough time to get his daily run in.

On Christmas Eve, he attended midnight mass at St Andrew’s before changing into a Father Christmas costume and running over three miles home at 12.30am.

“I wonder if any parents looked out of the window and thought ‘why is Santa running?’,” he said.

Mr Old said his wife, Helen, has been very supportive throughout.

He completed the challenge at a Rugby park run on September 1. At present, he has raised £1,477. He also lost a further two stone. To learn more or donate visit