Rumours of service cuts from Kenilworth Library quashed

Rumours of services being cut from Kenilworth Library have been quashed after signs displaying '˜Warwickshire Direct' were removed from the building's front last week.
Library books EMN-161003-162039001Library books EMN-161003-162039001
Library books EMN-161003-162039001

Instead, the signs’ removal was part of a rebranding exercise of all libraries in Warwickshire to make sure they are all consistent with one another.

A simple sign displaying ‘Library’ in capital letters has now appeared on the left-hand pillar of the building.

The customer service manager for Warwickshire Direct, Tracey Baker, aimed to reassure service users that the council services would remain in the building.

She said: “The Warwickshire Direct brand was devised some years ago in conjunction with district and borough partners.

“Over the years our arrangement with these partners has changed and some aspects are now more stand-alone.

“We have decided that in relevant outlets we will begin to phase out this branding.

“We are trying to make our buildings more identifiable from the exterior so the signage on some of our buildings is being refreshed with this in mind but we will continue to have a sign that covers the services we deliver and we will continue to deliver the range of services that we currently do.

“We will continue to deliver Warwickshire County Council and Warwick District Council services from Kenilworth Library, as well as any other partnership services.”

The county council have yet to confirm when the signs will be replaced at the front of the library.