Southam trees are a treat for the eyes and ears

A WOOD has not grown up overnight - but people in Southam may have achieved the next best thing.

Families and children gathered to plant 183 trees to turn a grassy bank in Merestone Park into a strip of trees on Saturday.

Representatives of the Woodland Trust joined Southam College pupils, Rainbows, families and Southam town councillors as they planted hawthorn, dogwood, cherry, rowan, birch and field maple trees to mask the noise of the town’s bypass.

The project was the idea of former mayor Cllr Jane Soni, who chose the Woodland Trust as one of her mayoral charities during her year in office.

The day’s work has transformed the spot, and Cllr Soni says she knows she is not the only one to have been back to admire it, and looks forward to seeing it grow over decades to come.

She said: “I just hope I’m going to be as pleased every time I see it.”