Swine flu cases on the decrease

SWINE flu levels in Warwick District are improving, in a reflection of the national trend.

Over the Christmas period there was a death at Warwick hospital, and three people spent a significant amount of time in intensive care.

However, there has only been one new case in the last two weeks and the hospital feels confident it is over the worse.

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A South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust spokesman said: “The trust’s position is now reflecting the national picture which is that the number of flu cases has returned to normal seasonal levels.

“The trust has only had one confirmed case of swine flu since January 14, however we would still encourage people to be aware of the symptoms and get the vaccine if they are in a high risk group.”

Meanwhile, across the West Midlands there has been a reduction of nearly 30 per cent in people going to GP practices with flu-like illnesses this week, compared to the previous week, and levels are now at a normal rate for seasonal flu activity in the region.

Regional director of public health Dr Rashmi Shukla said: “We are now seeing normal levels of flu activity for this time of year.

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Flu is still circulating and I would urge people in the risk groups to get vaccinated if they haven’t already done so.

“By maintaining good cough and hand hygiene people can prevent the spread of flu and other viruses.”