Take the lead with Rugby animal expert Sophie

Here's the latest update from Sophie Peacock, who runs Lowhills Animal Behaviour Consultancy, and who will be answering your concerns with her monthly section...

Tiger and Eric are looking for unique foster homes to get them ready for adoption.

They are looking for a pet and child-free home to carry on their rehabilitation, be within a 15-mile radius of Rugby and their fosterers to stick to a consistent behaviour modification programme.

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It has been a very long process to educate them that not all humans are bad and have done amazingly well with the volunteers so far, being walked and handled.


For more information contact [email protected]

Lowhills rescue dog classes start this month with the first class focused on ‘yes!’ rather than ‘no’ and recall.

With 141 dogs coming into Pawprints Dog Rescue, Rugby, needing new homes between 2015-2016 from around the Warwickshire area, there are a lot of dogs out there that need adopting and possibly re-training.

We all love to walk our dogs and let them off the lead, but if we don’t have the right training to do this, walking can be a bit of a nightmare for owners and other dog walkers.

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Sophie Peacock.Sophie Peacock.
Sophie Peacock.

You need to start practising what you want your dog to do outside, inside the home.

Start short but frequent training bursts of practising loose lead walking from the kitchen to the hallway and then doing a recall session from your hallway back to the kitchen. Once you have mastered a no distraction walk and recall, you can start adding obstacles, toys and hot food. You can then move out into the garden.

If you don’t have a recall with your dog in the park, it not only ruins all your hard work in training but it’s not fair on other dog walkers if you can’t get your dog back when called.

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