Teenagers called as twinning takes on youth twist

A new generation is being urged to get to grips with other cultures and languages as Warwick launches its first Youth Twinning Group.

George Palmer with cllr Mandy Littlejohn
George Palmer with cllr Mandy Littlejohn
George Palmer with cllr Mandy Littlejohn

Warwick Twinning Association is reaching out to teenagers in the latest venture to strengthen the work and benefits of European links.

The new youth group is all being led by 17-year-old, George Palmer who is taking the lead to reach out to young people and find out what they want from the project.

Youngsters would be able to visit and stay in twinned towns, and meet others their age from various countries.

George, who has studied travel and tourism at Aylesford School’s sixth form, said while plans are still in very early stages he on confident in getting support to role the links out to a new generation.

Explaining the importance of the project, he said: “I have appreciated other people’s cultures in different countries, and want to share my enthusiasm with others.

“I have already made contact with other teenagers in our twinned towns and they, also, are keen to help form a youth twinning group.”

He said while plans are still in early stages, he is confident in getting things off the ground over the summer.

Warwick has been twinned with Verden in Germany since 1989 and Saumur in France since 1976 and organises regular exchange trips to share culture and experiences.

It also has friendship links with Havelberg in Germany and Formigine in Italy.

And over the past three years it has been hoped for young people to become more involved with links and ensure they carry on into the future.

As part of a new youth camp, four Aylesford School pupils will visit Havelberg in August but the new group could go one step further in setting up lasting friendships.

Town councillor and former mayor, Mandy Littlejohn from Warwick’s twinning group, described it as an exciting opportunity.

“I’m delighted that George is helping to engage the young people of Warwick,” she said.

“We’ve wanted young people on board for a long time, so this is a great opportunity to find out what they want and what they can get out of it.”

To take part, email George at [email protected].