The Wantage in Kenilworth up for conversion again

The Wantage in Castle HillThe Wantage in Castle Hill
The Wantage in Castle Hill
The historic Kenilworth building The Wantage could be converted into three apartments if new plans are approved.

The Grade II-listed building on Castle Hill has remained unconverted after several previous plans to convert the house were refused by Warwick District Council’s planning committee.

But planners aim to divide up the house into three separate apartments, one with two bedrooms and the others with one bedroom each.

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The last plan to convert the Wantage was refused because, according to council officers, it would ‘harm the integrity and fabric of the listed building’.

When the plan was refused, Cllr John Cooke said: “When it’s a building of that importance committees have to be very careful how they vote.

“At some stage someone will come up with a plan that is acceptable for the Wantage - but this one wasn’t.

But in a statement, the applicant claimed the new plans will ‘sympathetically divide’ the house up. The room layouts will remain the same and the only new feature will be a door to a disabled wet room.