Abandon all hope, all ye who enter the temporary traffic lights on Rugby's Newbold Road

Temporary traffic lights set up on Rugby’s Newbold Road are causing quite formidable delays during peak hours.

Photo taken this morning at 6.30am, when the lights were only causing minor delays.

The two-way lights were set up in the vicinity of the Benn Hall yesterday afternoon and they are set to be in place until the night of May 16.

During the tail end of rush hour yesterday the lights were causing tailbacks onto Corporation Street, with many motorists (including this reporter) giving up and turning right onto Evereux Way.

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Consequent delays on Mill Road yesterday afternoon appeared to suggest that scores of motorists were using the railway underpass as an alternative route.

The Advertiser was passing through this morning at around 6.30am and at that point the delay was less than a minute, though as of 8am an AA traffic map is showing pronounced tailbacks on both sides of the lights.

The lights are in place to allow Western Power Distribution to perform repair and maintenance works.